Fashion Recycle

Give a second life to your unwanted treasures
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Sell your past fashion favorites (or something that never quite fitted) & find new ones!

This community is open to anyone in Australia!

1. One post per ONE item, unless the item is a set, i.e. a skirt and a matching top.
2. All posts are moderated by me. In order to have your post approved, you have to follow these guidelines:
2a) The post has to have a headline, not necessarily with the description of the item, it can be something witty or otherwise appropriate.
2b) You are allowed to post one image of your item, no more than 450х600 pixels in size above the cut. You can place more photos below the cut.
2c) The photo can be on a model, or on any other surface. The photo MUST be taken by you (or someone you know), it cannot be a stock image or similar.
2d) Underneath the photo you need to write the following details: Name (and brand) of item, size, fabric, your city, asking price (so, for example: Esprit sleeveless shirt, size M, cotton, Melbourne, $20)
3) After the lj-cut you can place further photos, and other relevant information such as: Condition of your item, any marks or similar, why you are selling the item etc.
4) You MUST tag your post:
4a) The first tag is to be your username, this will make it easier for users or yourself to find your previous posts.
4b) Type of item, i.e: dress, coat, pants, jeans, shorts, tshirt, jacket, shoes, bag, accessories, other
5) Items are sold on a first come first served basis - whoever leaves the first comment saying they wish to buy the item (this does NOT include comments such as "that's a pretty shirt"). You as the seller have the right to specify the type of buyer you're looking for, ie: priority for buyers who do not need to try item before they buy; or that you do not want to mail the item hence want to meet in person.
6) You must not sell your item for a higher price than you initially asked for, nor are you allowed to have auctions. One item - one price (see rule 1.)
7) If someone asks you to try the item on before they commit to buy it, you have to mark your post as "Interest Expressed", once you sell your item, you must mark it "SOLD".
8) If your item is not sold, after a reasonable amount of time you can tag your post as "unsold" or if you have several unsold items, you are allowed to create a post with small previews of the items (no more than 200px) linking to your original post. You are also entitled to have a sale on your unsold items by lowering the asking price and tagging your post with "sale".


1. The item gets sold to the buyer, who expressed clear interested in purchasing it first. Comments such as "I like that dress" do not count as interest in purchasing.
2. If you have purchased an item on fashionrecycle but it does not fit you or meet your expectations, you can offer it to buyers who have expressed interest in that item after you.
Fashionrecycle does not hold any responsibilities for the exchange of goods and/or money, nor is it liable for any unsuccessful transactions. Please choose secure methods of payment and make sure you discuss all details with the seller.

Take it easy and enjoy the experience of "green" shopping.

--FashionRecycle xo